Southeast of Eden

SYNOPSIS | SOUTHEAST OF EDEN is a two-part contemporary mainstream novel about two childhood best friends JADE and AARON, whose borderline psycho love affair takes a darkly comic detour through Hell. Having spent half their young lives loving and leaving each other, it comes as no surprise when they eventually drift apart and wander stoned and alone down the road to ruin, stumbling through the streets of New York, LA, Las Vegas, and Paris, searching in vain for the love they'd shared when they were two not-so-innocent farm kids growing up across a gravel road from each other in Iowa.

But nobody's fooling anybody; they both know the only way they're going to get out of the booze, sex, and drug crazy 70's alive, is to get back together fast. Unfortunately, they're both so lost and loaded by now that, for the first time in their lives, they have no idea how to go about doing that.

But at least Jade's not worried; she keeps right on smoking, drinking, and slamming back pills, staggering after Aaron like she's whirling through space on a kiddy ride at Disneyland naked: until, that is, she discovers that, not only is she pregnant with a son, but that another secret she thought she'd kept from Aaron (an eleven-year old blond one named MAUDE), arrives at her door and announces that she's the daughter Jade had given up for adoption when Jade herself had been no more than a child -which of course, brings Jade's little trip down memory lane to a shrieking halt.

As for Aaron, the only thing he knows for sure is that the only thing left on earth that can save him now is Jade, but sadly, he's become such a drunk that he can barely find his way to the bath room without a map. But the second he hears about his new family back in Iowa, he sobers up, packs his bags, and hits the road for home.  Remarkably, he and Jade finally get married and don't end up killing each other after all.

Chapters 1-3