Shrinking Violet

SYNOPSIS | SHRINKING VIOLET is a contemporary psychological thriller about a borderline crazy shrink DR. SIMONE STANTON, who puts a new twist on the term psychotherapist by seducing and falling madly in love with one of her normally straight laced patients, Manhatten prosecutor and rising political star JACK BUTLER, only to discover that he's married and has no interest in leaving his wife for her. Unfortunately for Jack, nobody says no to the stunning, but sexually obsessed and recklessly unethical, young femme fatale, and she has no intention of taking getting dumped by him, or anybody else, lying down. Instead, she unleashes a bloody crusade to either get Jack back or get back at Jack, whatever comes first, even if it means destroying herself and everything Jack loves, including his estranged son PAUL, his son's wife SARAH, their daughter ASHLEY, and Jack's best friend former Detective TED DYER, saving for last the one person left standing in her way, Jack's inconvenient, and emotionally unstable wife VIOLET.

Chapters 1-3