Dangerous Angels

SYNOPSIS | DANGEROUS ANGELS is an irreverent and darkly humorous, part literary, part action and adventure, and part mainstream contemporary, 70,000 word thriller about a stunning, but smack-happy, sex-obsessed Hollywood actress PEARL DEVLIN, and her lover HARLEY MCCANN, a morally conflicted, corporate fixer and hatchet man, disguised as a priest in the
low budget vampire movie Pearl is filming on the outskirts of Medellín, Colombia.

Pearl is unaware that Harley has been hired by her step-father, ALEXANDER CLAY DEVLIN, a high stakes financier, ex-oil tycoon, corporate gangster, political extremist, and rumored-to-be next Lieutenant-Governor of California, to keep her on ice or feed her bones to the alligators, whatever it takes, literally, to keep his illegitimate and vindictive, flame-throwing radical step-daughter from spilling his nasty family secrets to the media and divulging his twenty year record of highly illegal activities to the Feds prior to the primary elections that following November. The last thing Harley had expected when he'd accepted this twisted assignment was to fall in love with his intended, hot-headed, gun-toting victim.
Too sick in love to care how dangerous it is to betray Alex Devlin, the man who for years had been like a father and mentor to him, Harley secretly enlists the help of Pearl's estranged, but still overly protective, mother MARIA KARINA who releases a twenty year long record of her violently unstable husband's highly illegal corporate and political activities throughout the US and Latin America to the Feds, who immediately indict him.

Two days later, Maria Karina is found dead in her home in Panama of a suspicious "suicide", and her vengeful hubby goes missing. Forewarned of a hit on their own lives, Harley and Pearl flee through the Amazonian jungles and lawless borderlands of Panama and Colombia, trying to elude a pair of professional hit men Clay Devlin has hired to track them down.

As the California gubernatorial elections loom, realizing that it's only a matter of time before he and Pearl are caught, Harley decides to turn the tables on his increasingly unstable boss by returning to LA, slipping away from Pearl, and setting up a deadly confrontation with her father that only Harley will survive.

Chapters 1-3