Billy's Kid

SYNOPSIS | BILLY'S KID In the late 1800's Billy the Kid exploded across the barren New Mexican landscape like a bottle rocket gone haywire, robbing and killing nearly anything that crossed his path, leaving mayhem, desolation, and despair in his wake.  But that wasn't all he left behind.

Billy's Kid, at first glance, appears to be the story of a young, blood-thirsty avenging angel with a messiah complex, a bad-assed temper, and an itchy trigger finger, but who in reality, is a very brave, but frightened, young woman who is only trying to survive in a lawless and violent world, wanting nothing more than to stay alive long enough to claim the justice and redemption she believes her notorious family deserves, oblivious to the malevolent pack of liars, thieves, and crooked politicians that have gathered to stop her.

After a blood soaked rampage through Texas and New Mexico, avenging the murders of her mother; her lover Manuelito, a renegade Mexican border bandit; her step-father Juan Baca; and Luisa, her mother's best friend; a heart sick Marlita Angelina Cruz heads south for Mexico to launch an exhausting and often violent odyssey that will challenge her almost beyond endurance in her attempt to shake a very determined Pat Garrett, who has been highly paid to illegally cross the border into Mexico to track her down.  But for Garrett, it's not about the price on Marlita's head anymore, it's personal, and if hounding "the pretty little blood sucking harlot" to hell and back is what it takes, then God only help her.

Unfortunately for Pat Garrett, on February 24, 1908, at dusk, several very powerful and influential New Mexican cattle barons, power brokers, and businessmen meet at the St. Regis Hotel in El Paso, Texas, and make a pact.  A short time later on a lonely stretch of Mail-Scott Road just east of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Pat Garrett, killer of Billy the Kid, is himself murdered in cold blood.

A short time later, in a small adobe house on the banks of the Pecos River near Fort Sumner, New Mexico, three hired killers unleash a withering barrage of rifle fire into the Fort Sumner "casita" where Billy the Kid's best kept secret Angelina Marlita Cruz, has supposedly been sleeping.  She will then mysteriously disappear from history. Until now.

Chapters 1-3